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Lumynz Benefits

Lumynz  benefits include everything you need to successfully operate a Dynamic Website created to your specifications.  Site Customization and Optimization, Secure Site Hosting, Domain Name and Registration, Email Creation and Management, and an Assigned Lumynz Employee are included in every price point.  Lumynz additionally offers professional Site Management Services, Digital Marketing Services and Logo Design Services to complete your fully operational website.  We professionally integrate all required areas to enable you to concentrate your valuable time on what you do best. 

"Creation Without Limitation".

Wixerz Full Customization Icon

Lumynz fully customizes WiX presets according to your requirements.  We re-organize, subtract, add, create, and integrate features to craft a modern website solution that reflects the vision that our clients have described during the interview process.

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Website Management

Lumynz provides full spectrum website management services to include administration, content updates, site design changes, ongoing SEO search engine optimization, data analytics interpretation and monitoring of secure payments and billing applications.     

Wixerz Integrated Infrastructure Icon

Lumynz professionally integrates and carefully checks your websites functionality, site hosting, email services, data analytics, and site optimization to create a seamless website experience on the user front end and the administrator back end. 

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Digital Marketing

Lumynz offers a full portfolio of digital marketing solutions to help you reach your target audiences from social media integration, professionally designed digital marketing and delivery campaigns, static and dynamic ad creation, customer data analytics, and marketing initiative landing pages.

Wixerz Site Optimization Icon

Lumynz uses optimization industry best design practices to customize your site ensuring advanced SEO search engine optimization rankings, highest speed loading ratings, inciteful data analytics, and secure integrated infrastructure.

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Logo Design

Lumynz provides our customers with professional Logo design and development services.  Your logo is the branding symbol of your organization and should be designed and placed upon all your digital products to ensure customer recognition and conversion to customer loyalty. 

Why Lumynz leads the Industry!

At Lumynz we offer more than just a functioning dynamic modern website structure.  Our Content Team includes academics and researchers in Digital Marketing, Cognitive Science, and Conscious Hypnosis.  These experts help us craft your messaging in the form of text, pictures, videos and marketing initiatives by distilling them into the most effective and compelling messaging in the industry.  We use modern behavioral science to give your company, organization, or institution the best possible communication strategies which translate into Success!

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