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Wixerz Wedding Website

Full Customization

Lumynz designs and customizes every website creation according to your requirements.  We re-organize, subtract, add, create, and integrate unlimited features to craft a modern dynamic website solution that reflects the vision that our clients have described during the interview process.

Dynamic personalized Website design creation process

Lumynz begins by creating, providing, and subsequently administering a very comprehensive Website Design Questionnaire to our clients to ascertain their individual digital messaging visions.  We then take these answers and distill them down into a Digital Construction Blueprint.  As our design team goes through this cyclical assessment process we develop a series of follow up interview questions to confirm the formal construction requirements of our clients.  The interview process confirms the formal structural requirements of our clients as well as illuminates the aesthetic and artistic vision that they have envisioned beyond mechanics.  Once we have a working idea of what is required a second design team is assigned to review the process and product.  This final step is a critical element in the customization visioning process. 

Website blueprint construction process and modification

Lumynz design team then takes the comprehensive Digital Design Construction Blueprint and uses our expertise in digital design functions and development tools to create a website that exceeds our clients expressed requirements.  With unlimited combinations and possibilities we have the tools available and design expertise to create an accurate design structure that breathes life into your creative vision.  Once this structure is created we then take client specific media and text artifacts, review them for optimization best practices, and drag and drop them into the locations created for them in the construction design process.  Once Lumynz feels that we have exceeded our client’s creative vision we present it to them for review and assessment.  If for any reason changes are needed, we return to the above cyclical development procedure to initiate identified modifications. 

Comprehensive multi-spectrum alignment and integration mission

Lumynz customization processes includes a close strategic partnership between our digital design team, website construction engineers, and you.  During this entire design and assembly process, we utilize modern website industry best practices and SEO maximization strategies to deliver a custom website that is fully customized, optimized, and seamlessly functional.  Lumynz is fully committed to providing the absolute best design processes and finished products available to our clients and thus is constantly searching to ways to improve our skills and processes.  Our sole organizational mission is mission is to provide our customers with the very best website building, customization, acquisition, and site management experience at the most competitive price points possible.  Our company was designed from the ground up to exceed the requirements of this clearly defined mission.    

Lumynz is your in-house Customization Expert

Why Lumynz leads the Industry!

AT Lumynz we offer more than just a functioning dynamic modern website structure.  Our Content Team includes academics and researchers in Digital Marketing, Cognitive Science, and Conscious Hypnosis.  These experts help us craft your messaging in the form of text, pictures, videos and marketing initiatives by distilling them into the most effective and compelling messaging in the industry.  We use modern behavioral science to give your company, organization, or institution the best possible communication strategies which translate into Success!

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