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Wixerz Website Design

Site Optimization

Lumynz uses optimization industry best design practices to customize your website ensuring advanced SEO search engine optimization rankings, highest speed loading ratings, inciteful data analytics, and secure integrated infrastructure.

Lumynz Tailored Checklist

Get your tailored checklist based on your business, location, and keywords. Follow actionable steps to build a strong SEO foundation, get indexed on Google in seconds, and start optimizing your site for search engines.  Lumynz gives you the freedom to use or modify default meta tags, URL structure and slugs, structured data markup and more SEO settings. Additionally, you can create your own SEO logic and apply it across multiple pages of the same type instead of editing each page individually.  Lumynz E Commerce site designs are given additional design and construction considerations to provide you with the best tools and choices to make your business successful. 

Lumynz Optimization Process Metrics

Lumynz optimizes your site for seamless functionality, SEO maximization, inciteful analytics, and scalability. Leverage built-in SEO tools to optimize your website for search engines. View traffic reports to see how many visitors were referred by search engines and track your performance over time.  Aligned with Google’s rich results recommendations, Lumynz adds structured data markups to dynamic pages like products, events, blog posts, and more. This means that your pages are automatically eligible to appear as rich results.

Lumynz is your in-house Site Optimization Expert

Why Lumynz leads the Industry!

At Lumynz we offer more than just a functioning dynamic modern website structure.  Our Content Team includes academics and researchers in Digital Marketing, Cognitive Science, and Conscious Hypnosis.  These experts help us craft your messaging in the form of text, pictures, videos and marketing initiatives by distilling them into the most effective and compelling messaging in the industry.  We use modern behavioral science to give your company, organization, or institution the best possible communication strategies which translate into Success!

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